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Trademark recognized as IP In India a trade mark is visual symbol in the form of a word, label device, applied to articles of corporate sector to indicate to the purchasing human environment they are the goods manufactured particular person, by virtue of the application the people who sell his goods under the particular trademark of limited exclusive right of use the mark, right acquired by use is authorized a form of property , a person can also acquired a similar right of trademark

IP law whether statuary or common law is based broadly on three concepts i.e distinctiveness, deceptive, similarity of marks similarity of goods

Trademark Registration

They are also aptly termed IP since they are they are purly intellectual effort except perhaps trademark , a patent gives its owner a monopoly right to make and sell or use the patented product or process for invention for the limited time period of time.the owner of registred design similarly get a monopoly of right to apply of design to the class of articles cover by its registration for limited period of time, in copyright the author of the work of art or any other work in which copy right is granted the exclusive right make a copy or reproduction of the subject matter for the certain period, in all these cases the subject matter with which the monopoly right is associated the product of invention discovery or intellectual effort and trademark chosen by trader should be the result

Object of Trademark

The object of trademark law is to deal with the precise nature of the right which a person can acquired in respect of trademark the mode of acquisition of such right the method of transfer of those right to other the prcise nature infringement of such rightthe procedure of inforcement of those right and the remedies available in respect thereof .this brand of commercial law has undergone change feom time to time in tune with changing pattern of business method and practice even very concept of trademark and its function have changed one can therefore exept more change to take place in course of time .already uk a new trademark law has been enacted in 1994 in the trademark law ,till recently who govern by trademark

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Attempts have been made from time to time by person to expend to convert a productive law into source of monopoly but court have resisted this form time to time

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